ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: NO MORE TEARS Single Photo Story Contest

Prize: $20 
Winners: Top 15 winners will be honoured with USD 20 cash prize
Deadline: 15/09/2020


The brutal police intervention that happened to the young guy in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May 2020 has left us all speechless once more. After this heinous act, the wave of solidarity moved to almost 4k cities in the US and other countries and continents as well. People are crowding streets and squares and protesting against racism and xenophobia in every corner of the world as this is not just an issue of a particular nation but a global stigma.
Have YOU ever experienced the suppression of human rights, minorities, children’s rights, or ethnic or religious rights in your country or at a place you visited? Have you had your camera with you when you witnessed such killing of humanity? Share a photo, aware people, and enter a chance to win the luring cash prizes!
Content Requirements:


Upload original photo and help to create a coherent and truthful multi-author photo story that demonstrates your unique view on the “Enough is Enough” experience. Add a short caption about your image and please don’t forget to add a location to your photo.
No fake, no vulgar, no brutal snaps please!

People who respect others’ rights and believe in saving Humanity!
Winning Criteria:
– The most authentic photo that meets all the contest requirements
– Top 15 winners will be honored with USD 20 cash prize
Copyright requirement:
FrstHand rights granted – By submitting your content in the call, you grant Frsthand the right to share and promote your work on the platform and FrstHand social media channels, including the use of a commercial nature. You must own and control the copyright to all photos you submit. FrstHand can guarantee appropriate attribution.
Submission Formats:
JPEG, PNG – minimum resolution of 1920×1080 and maximum size 10MB
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