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Deadline: 30/05/2021



As world leaders do nothing, the current climate crisis is getting worse. FridaysForFuture, a global climate strike movement that started when Greta Thunburg began a school strike for climate change. FFF is demanding the attention of lawmakers by mobilizing millions to take action for the environment to stop the damage rapidly inflicted upon our Earth. Hence, they are committed to holding governments accountable and fighting to keep the climate temperatures from rising.
Help them raise awareness for their upcoming strike by sharing your photo stories about how climate change is affecting the world around us.
FridaysForFuture is protesting to demand Climate Justice. Support them by submitting your stories about how the climate crisis is affecting us all!


Content Requirements:

– Using 5-10 original photos
– You can submit an existing story (which is not currently being sponsored)
– Use original and good quality photos or scanned images
– Create a brief description and caption for each photo to make the story comprehensive, engaging, and expressive
– Use your original content, as plagiarized text will lead to disqualification



Level requirements

Open to all

Submission Formats

JPEG, PNG – minimum resolution of 1920×1080 and maximum size 10MB


Photo Usage Rights

FrstHand rights granted -By submitting your content in the call, you grant Frsthand the right to share and promote your work on the platform and FrstHand social media channels, including the use of a commercial nature. Hence, you must own and control the copyright to all photos you submit. Also, FrstHand can guarantee appropriate attribution


All people who feel responsible for the habitat of this wonderful green planet. Also, please help us share it with as many viewers as you can. #FridaysForFuture

Winning Criteria

Once your story is accepted, please share your photo story on social media with #FrstHand #CallsForStories #FridaysForFuture
The contest entries will be judged. The Contest Sponsors will choose the winners based on the following criteria:
– The submitted story must meet all the content requirements
– The content should be creative and engaging (Remember, you are writing for an international audience)
– Image quality and authenticity matters



1 – $200
2 – $100
3 – $80
4 – $50
5 – $50
6 – $50
7 – $50
8 – $40
9 – $40
10 – $40



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